Welcome to my Fangirling

oh shit i never made an announcement about the fact that i revamped an RP account did I?

Tomorrow i’ll post a link to it if I get the time to go on it.

Look forward to that I guess if you’ve ever wanted to roleplay with me

brownie points if you can guess the character (Not an OC)

All right so i’ve decided i’m going to do at least one character concept a day from October 20th to November 20th.

Might not post them every day, but i’ll have a mass post on my DeviantART and the highlight ones I will post here.


Tshirt + Fashion + Iuter + SS 2013 Collection Octopus revival!!!



when you actually can’t look at a character directly because u like them so much and they make you blush


favorite pink pokemon


Litwick is so cutee!!!


Litwick is so cutee!!!


Pokes #35 & 36: Moon Fairy Pom Pom and Slightly Taller Moon Fairy Pom Pom.


sometimes I use the phrase “headcanon” when referring to my own work before remembering that I control what canon is

wolf playing in the snow